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Wagering is always a gamble, but we've managed to keep the majority of our subscribers for over 20 years.

Unlike others handicappers, we only give wagering ideas when there appears to be value, and less risk.Our selections are limited.

For Horses:

We've owned many horses and know many of the major principles in the business.

We're on the backstretches (or mobile phones today) with the jockeys, drivers, owners, vets and trainers.

There's so much bad information out there. We have learned to process what appears to be pertinent for certain races on particular days.

For Sports:

Many of us are financial analysts and have real connections to the pro and college sports industry.

We don't believe in systems, just obsessive research.

Except for a few limited plays, trend analysis doesn't work anymore.

Athlete's make too much money and change alliances frequently.

You can make LOTS.... if you stay disciplined, and follow our selections carefully!!

Our industry does over 15 billion dollars a year!

Our smart subscribers have made small fortunes!

For almost 20 years we have been able to charge more then all others for our incomparable picks.

Now we’re testing a new wagering philosophy.

We offer our selection for free as long as you are a member at Betcris.com.

Here’s how to become eligible

at no charge….Ever!

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