A Quest

I am on a quest to teach my self to spice up my lay out when it comes to type or should we call it font? I want to learn to be more creative when it comes to the text or the content of a page after all there is often way more text on a web page then there is actually images and for me itís a block of something that holds a color and I have been styling it accordingly but yet I have forgotten to play with that block in it self I think.

So this is my second lay out that is purely done for the simple reason of challenging my self when it comes to be a little more creative with how I layout the text on a page.

This time I been inspired with the editorís pages in many different magazines an that is what will lay as a ground for this layout. Perhaps one day I will use it for a about page or something like that. The editorís pages usually hold a lot of just text and very little images think that was what got me. To style a page with lots and lots of text, and not much else of decorations then the text in itself to play with I saw that as a challenge to bite into.

From now on I am keeping my eyes on text every where how its set? what font is used? how much space? how do the text in it self create a well balanced image?. Once very long ago I did go to school to learn this I was cutting text out of pads with different types and different spacing, the text being just nonsense words and I had to paste them into columns and bring balance to the piece I was doing. I guess I have forgotten that somewhere along the way I been spoiled with having the liberty of using many images to spice up what ever I work with. Head lines can easily be funny to spice up but the content text is what I have forgotten about I more been looking on it as is it a lot or is it little what kind of design can I use that the amount of text can live whit in. And what font size should I use etc so that the content is readable.

I will let my creativity flow and use the content text as a design element so that the message come through both stronger and clearer.

Now I am turning my visual creativity/attention towards the big chunks of content text and start see them as a decoration all by them self and perhaps this will lead me to become a better me???? I usually preach that you have to love every part of your layout, and the text is a huge part of the layout now isnít it? And I say that choice images that goes along with your intention donít just place in images for the fun off it, cause then the will not make sense and the message will be weakened, but have I styled the content text whit this in consideration? I do not think so. I have chosen font whit this in consideration but I havenít played with the text I havenít let my creativity flow to use the text as a design element which could have made the message come through both stronger and clearer.

Mia C.