- real connections to the pro and college sports industry - obsessive research -


Wagering is always a gamble, but we've managed to keep the majority of our subscribers for over 20 years.

Unlike others handicappers, we only give wagering ideas when there appears to be value, and less risk.Our selections are limited.

Why us?

We a group comprised of horse owners, cerebral ex-athletes, CPA's, former pro sports referees, & financial consultants.

You may find us:

  1. On the race course backstretch talking to Jockeys and Trainers.

  2. Gathering info from past and present sports officials.

  3. -or- Bugging the heck out of the principles of certain franchises.

  4. We've managed to post profitable numbers for over 20 years. Some years have been extraordinary(1999, 2003, 2005).

    The major reason why we are successful...

    1. We don't give selections on every sport ....everyday.

    2. Unlike others we only give information when we think there's a statistical advantage, and when we think we know things.

    3. We usually don't take stock in trends or systems, and have only done well the hard way...... lots of obsessive research, and knowing the right people.

      Here's what you don't get:

      1. 1.Unwarranted picks that waste time & money.

      2. 2. Inflated results. If we win... we'll sure let you know. If we lose... which will happen.. we own up.

      3. 3. Unwarranted guarantees. We win more than anyone else, but this is gambling, anything can happen.

      Here's what you get:

      1. 1. Limited Selections privately emailed when there's a real advantage.

      2. 2. We expect to have information on 3 to 4 College and Pro games/week, and 8 to 12 horse races/week. 3. Unlike others, if we do not have adequate insight, we won't waste your time.

      3. 4. Obsessive research, coupled with unique connections.

Best Wishes,

John, Howard, Gene, and Chuck

“The definitive experts in horse and football analysis”

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